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True Story: This Woman is 68 Years Old and This is Her Secret! Amazing!

Regular physical activity, a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are the secrets to staying young and in good shape. And that, Sofia Rotaru has understood! This Russian-born singer attracted the interest of everyone, not only for her music… With a face without deep wrinkles and firm skin, Sofia Rotaru doesn’t age! Discover her secrets.

Sofia Rotaru is one of the most famous singers in Russia. She obviously has a voice and talent but her incredibly looking young appearance made her famous. It is almost impossible to guess her age!

With a face devoid of deep wrinkles and a glowing skin, Sofia Rotaru looks not more than 40, when in reality, she is 68 years old. The Russian star who regularly posts pictures of her on social networks, showing off with a radiant face and a firm body, is actually a grandmother and her little grandson is 21!

However, Sofia Rotaru was not always so tiny. It was only recently that she has lost a lot of weight. Surprised by this transformation, the Russian public suspects a possible move under the knife. But the star denies it completely! According to her, the secret of her youth and size is a result from very healthy lifestyle.

The lifestyle of Sofia Rotaru

To look so young, first of all she must turn to a healthy diet, regular physical activity and full night’s sleep. The singer says she sleeps 8 hours a night and follows a simple diet. She also added that she is very active: she does sports regularly and lots of gardening.

However, this interest in sports did not start yesterday. The singer was very interested in athletics when she was younger and participated in various regional competitions. She even won first place in the category of 100 and 800 yards.

The secret of youth


Passionate about gardening, the Russian star grows her own fruits and vegetables. She consumes organic food without pesticides. Proper hydration is also part of her daily routine (at least 6 cups of water per day).

Here is the 9 days diet regiment that Sofia Rotaru follows:

  • First three days, her meals are limited to cooked brown rice, unsalted
  • Next three days, she only consumes vegetables
  • Last three days, she is feeding on fruit

Please note that this treatment can be repeated maximum 3 times per year as it can lead to deficiencies. Make sure that the treatments are spaced at a reasonable length. Remember that a balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables and protein (red meat, chicken) is the secret to a healthy body.


Sofia Rotaru starts her day with a shower under the mineral carbonated water. You read correctly! Besides this strange routine, despite her age (68) she maintains a regular sports activity. She swims which is a very beneficial activity for the health and for all body muscles, and often goes to the sauna to eliminate toxins and relax.



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